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Last Word Hand Cannons Recreated By A Cosplayer

The world of costume making and the cosplay scene are often regarded with a strange eye by the masses at large. But there’s no denying that it’s a very popular scene to be a part of. It’s actually become such a big thing nowadays that it’s even spilled over into the very games you play.


Well one such creator, that goes by the brilliant name of CheesyKnight, has stepped up their game and decided to take a chunk of inspiration from Bungie’s popular shooter Destiny. A true testament to the dedication that some gamers have, CheesyKnight has recreated a pair of hand cannons from Destiny, successfully recreating the powerful Hawkmoon and Last Word pistols. Both of which are sought after in the game, and now probably in the real world too.

CheesyKnight has a whole gallery of creations in a gallery over on Deviantart where you can find a vast array of goodies including Destiny’s Auto Rifle and even Oberyn Martell’s dagger from Game of Thrones.

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